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Crowdsourced mobile research that delivers retail audits and real time shopper insight.

As Global Leaders In Crowdsourced, Mobile Research We Give You real time insight on how brands are performing in store.

We help our clients identify key barriers to success: Is it Brand Awareness Perception? Communication? Retail Presence? Impact on Shelf? Pricing? Product Satisfaction?

We work with a broad range of multinational brands to deliver retail and promotional audits. And because we use real shoppers, they can share their experience as customers with commentary, photos and videos - bringing all aspects of their journey to life. In summary we deliver insight on the total customer journey, covering retail audits, mystery shopping and real time shopper insight, faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

We enable every day shoppers with a smartphone to deliver relevant, nearly instant business information. We call these amazing people Agents. We're constantly impressed with the acumen of our Agents whose local knowledge is invaluable.  If you're interested in being an Agent you can  download the Field Agent app.

What types of information can I collect?

  • Photos

    Photos do say 1,000 words but what we like to say is that photos can capture 1,000 pieces of data. We use photos to verify information, capture in store experience and understand product usage.

  • Data

    Field Agent uses classic data collection methodologies while incorporating technology, such as barcode scanning, to ensure quality data for large scale projects.

  • Video

    Similar to photos, video allows you to gather data but video also allows you to capture consumer sentiment and quotes in a way that truly tells a story. 

  • Opinions

    Field Agent can perform surveys and collect opinions from anywhere. We support classic research specific question types such as Likert scale, multiple choice, multiple select, ranking, five-star rating, free form, etc.

  • Audio

    Audio is primarily used for gathering opinion data and feedback.  We have also seen cases where audio has been effective in capturing large amounts of data which is transcribed on the back-end.  

  • Feedback

    While similar to opinions, we can obtain feedback differently because we can ask your core customer (based upon demographics) to provide feedback on your product or service at the Point of Influence™.

Quality: How can I trust the data?

  • Agent Histories
  • GPS Markers
  • Time/Date Stamps
  • Photo/Video Verification

As business people and researchers, we understand the value of privacy, security and reliable information. We rigorously evaluate the data points we receive to ensure your data is accurate. Field Agent can offer customized quality control when needed.

We are members of ESOMAR and MMRA and follow their guidelines and best practices:

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Types of Projects

  • Audits (fact finding | data gathering)

    On Shelf Availability
    Compliance (Display, Planogram, Demo, Signage)
    Product Assortment
    Demo Confirmation
    Price Checks
  • Research (opinions | insights)

    Concept Testing
    Mystery Shopping

Our Network

If there is cellular coverage available, Field Agent® can deliver your audit and research needs.

The Best Coverage Available

We collect information from anywhere in the U.S. , as well as six other countries. From day one, Field Agent launched nationwide with a mission of providing a link from people sitting in a workplace to information at retail or at home.

Affordable Cost

We disrupted the industry by cutting costs out of the current brick and mortar system. We utilize crowdsourcing and mobile technology to deliver quality results at an affordable price.

Amazing Speed

Thanks to the power of mobile technology, we can collect information from multiple locations in hours and days instead of weeks. Our process is very efficient and launching a project is only a click away.

International Operations

Field Agent has over 1,000,000 Agents worldwide operating in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and Romania. We’re expanding to new countries and would love to tell you more about opportunities internationally.  Contact us if you have an interest in helping us expand into new countries.

Who’s using Field Agent right now?

Hundreds of top Fortune 500 companies and thousands of small businesses.

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