"We live in a mobile world. Engaging customers via their smart devices and asking them to become your eyes and ears is becoming a very cost effective way for brands and retailers to gain shopper insights and visibility to what is going on in stores. Access to objective real time data provides clients opportunities to spot execution issues and to develop immediate plans to address them"

Henry Ho , Field Agent Co-Founder

Why Crowdsourcing: eyes and ears in store and at home

Gathering audit data via our proprietary mobile technology allows manufacturers and retailers to engage their customers while they are using their products (as consumers) and while they are purchasing their products (as shoppers) in a more efficient and cost-effective way. (learn more...)

We collect information from anywhere in the country. From day one, Field Agent launched nationwide with a mission of providing a link from people sitting in a workplace to useful information at retail or at home.


We disrupted the industry by cutting costs out of the current brick and mortar system.  We utilize crowdsourcing and mobile technology to deliver quality at an affordable price.


Thanks to the power of mobile technology, we can collect information from multiple locations in hours and days instead of weeks. Our process is very efficient and launching a project is a click away.

and Audits?

See in under 2 minutes how Field Agent delivers location specific audits quickly and cost effectively

Types of Audit Work

On Shelf Availability

We often work with data providers and manufacturers to help validate their algorithms at store level via our in-app bar code scanner.  Having eyes at the store to confirm what is actually going on at the shelf is imperative to capturing on-shelf data.  We can also utilize your core shopper demographic to capture the data so that you can also gather insights from their perspective.

Display Compliance

When our Agents capture photos of displays at retail, the Field Agent app automatically geotag’s each photo so that you have a history of the data from each location.  Our team also performs a quality check on each display to ensure that the data is accurate and the photo is clear.

Product Assortment

Similar to Display Compliance, our Agents capture photos of shelves at retail via the Field Agent app. We have proprietary technology in place along with strategic partnerships to process the photos so we can deliver key metrics for our clients such as share-of-shelf, planogram compliance, adjacencies, etc.

Demo Confirmation

We do more than make sure a Demo is set up and open at the right location at the right time.  We can also ensure that the demo execution is following the correct script and that product is available to purchase.  We provide a photo of the set-up as well as details regarding the location.

Signage Review

Signage compliance is similar to display and planogram compliance from a process standpoint. We send in Agents to find and capture photos of specific signage. However, we also provide an assessment of the impact of the signage from a shoppers perspective by sending in your core shopper for the review.

Quality: How can I trust the data?

  • Agent Histories
  • GPS Markers
  • Time/Date Stamps
  • Photo/Video Verification

As business people and researchers, we understand the value of privacy, security and reliable information. We rigorously evaluate the data points we receive to ensure your data is accurate. Field Agent can offer customized quality control when needed.

We are members of ESOMAR and MMRA and follow their guidelines and best practices:

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Data Reporting

Experience real time analytics as your project's data comes in.  Our Agent Services Team is on the clock 24/7 performing quality checks on all data that is submitted from our Agents. We provide data reporting in 3 ways:


Any Client with an account can log into their dashboard to view data as it streams in real-time. The dashboard also calculates top line analytics to provide a snapshot of the data as it is received.  To efficiently view and export photos and video clips, simply select our Lightbox interface.  You can also export the data (via .csv or .sav files) to perform analysis in Excel or SPSS.


Many of our Clients that deal with thousands of data points, photos and video files need access to a more efficient tool to view, tag and store data. Our Client Portal does just that.  Similar to iPhoto or Picasso, we store data and custom reports in a single location as an online database.  This allows you to research all of the combined audit and research data in one convenient place.

Custom Reporting:

We have a team of analysts and researchers that are ready to deliver a custom back end report full of analytics and insights for projects. From cross tabs to video clips to powerpoint presentations, we can provide what is needed to deliver a custom reporting experience for internal and external presentations.

Who’s using Field Agent UK right now?

Major global brands and new entrepreneurial brands.

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