Is Valentine’s Day Really The Most Romantic Day Of The Year?

Well, it happens to be my birthday, so I thought I had better find out! And what better way to do so than through the Field Agent App!

Indeed, on Saturday at 5.30pm, instead of simply conducting our usual retail audits, we launched a Valentine’s Day survey across the Field Agent App to all of our intrepid Field Agents. Amazingly, within 24 hours over a 1,000 people had given their feedback on what really matters on St Valentine’s Day.

Some of the results may surprise you, others might be exactly what you’d expect. Read on to find out whether Valentine’s Day really is the most romantic day of the year…courtesy of the Field Agent App!

What Do People Think Of Valentine’s Day?

When we put retail auditing to one side for a moment and launched our Valentine’s survey, the majority (about 50%) of those who responded said they thought it was over commercialised as well as overrated.

However, this was not the opinion of everyone on the Field Agent App as approximately 1/3 of those surveyed thought it was either a special time to show love, a bit of harmless fun or even just a good excuse for a night out

So What Is The Origin Of Valentine's Day?

It seems a number of people – at least those surveyed through the Field Agent App - have absolutely no idea (40%) about the origin of Valentine’s Day. The same number of people, however, got the answer right: that it is a religious festival started in Roman Times. Interestingly, there were also a few people on the Field Agent App who believed it was Rudolf Valentino’s birthday and a few more who thought it was invented by card companies.

What Do You Expect To Give And Receive On Valentine's Day?

The majority of those we surveyed through the Field Agent App ( about 40%) do not expect to receive anything on St Valentine’s Day. Aside from this, cards were the most likely Valentine's Day gift followed up by special presents, flowers, and chocolates… and sometimes all of these combined!

Interestingly, 20% of people said they would buy themselves a present…meaning lots of opportunity for “gifting brands”.

Who Are You Most Likely To Buy Cards For?


And guys, if you forget the card and want to make it up to your lady… chocolates are a good option… just make sure you get the right brand!

Indeed, as you can see below, our survey suggested that Lindt would be the best received, Hotel Chocolat would be a good bet and that you also might get away with Cadbury and Ferrero Rocher...

Which Brand Of Chocolate Would Your Lady Most Like To Receive?

We know that our Agents will be pretty open and honest about how they feel about personal matters… so we ended our Field Agent App survey with a rather personal question.

We asked them…

“Would You Be More Or Less Likely To Make Love With Your Partner On Valentine's Day?"

So this Valentine's Day, it might be a good idea to remember the cards, chocolates, and flowers!!

NB: Chocolate brands can seize the opportunity – the winners will be the brands that stand out at point of sale if you would like to know how well your brand is performing give Robin Shuker a call on 07803 610684 and remember it’s his birthday!