Mobile Research

"Mobile Research provides an experiential way to capture the impact upon a consumer’s senses at the moment they interact with a product or service – we call this the Point of Influence™"

Rick West, CEO Field Agent

Why Mobile Research: Insights at the Point of Influence™

Capturing consumer feedback at the shelf or insights in the home both reflect our approach to capturing data at the Point of Influence™ allowing brands to make decisions in ways that were nearly impossible – until Field Agent®.Gathering insights via our proprietary mobile technology and methodologies allows a consumer to provide detailed feedback at the point that they interact with a product or are influenced by a product or service in a way that delivers better:


We eliminate the problems associated with typical methodologies requiring the consumer to recall information days or weeks after the their engagement with a product or service.


Regardless of the answers that you gather from a consumer, the raw emotion and reaction to a product or service is never more insightful than at the “Point of Influence™."


At times shopper feedback can be planned or seem canned. With mobile research, consumers respond in real time, such that the answers will often times be richer, candid and more raw.

Crowdsourcing and Mobile Research?

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Types of Mobile Research


Each survey methodology is designed by our research team.  They take in to account mobile device constraints, while at the same time ensuring that we use the same level of detail as a typical online survey.


We use our proprietary Eye-Movie™ methodology to capture in store feedback on signage, shelf placement, etc. and then conduct a live interview with the respondent while they are still in the store. 


Communities are similar to ethnographies but executed with a private crowd for an extended period of time. We have trained moderators on staff ready to engage your customers in activities to capture insights on your product or service. 


Mobile Diaries are used to conduct research over time with participants capturing their activities and impressions of your products and services over time. 


No more clipboards and paperwork that needs to be manually entered into a website. We conduct mobile in home use tests [IHUTS’s] more efficiently and effectively via your customer's smart devices. 

Concept Testing

Our respondents are ready at a moments notice to provide feedback on visual renderings and commercials.  The responses can be as simple as data from a five point Likert scale to an in depth video response. 

Mystery Shopping

We screen for your core demographic to ensure that we have the right person experiencing your service and products to provide meaningful feedback. 

Quality: How can I trust the data?

  • Agent Histories
  • GPS Markers
  • Time/Date Stamps
  • Photo/Video Verification

As business people and researchers, we understand the value of privacy, security and reliable information. We rigorously evaluate the data points we receive to ensure your data is accurate. Field Agent can offer customized quality control when needed.

We are members of ESOMAR and MMRA and follow their guidelines and best practices:

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Data Reporting

Experience real time analytics as your project's data comes in.  Our Agent Services Team is on the clock 24/7 performing quality checks on all data that is submitted from our Agents. We provide data reporting in 3 ways:


Any Client with an account can log into their dashboard to view data as it streams in real-time. The dashboard also calculates top line analytics to provide a snapshot of the data as it is received.  To efficiently view and export photos and video clips, simply select our Lightbox interface.  You can also export the data (via .csv or .sav files) to perform analysis in Excel or SPSS.


Many of our Clients that deal with thousands of data points, photos and video files need access to a more efficient tool to view, tag and store data. Our Client Portal does just that.  Similar to iPhoto or Picasso, we store data and custom reports in a single location as an online database.  This allows you to research all of the combined audit and research data in one convenient place.

Custom Reporting:

We have a team of analysts and researchers that are ready to deliver a custom back end report full of analytics and insights for projects. From cross tabs to video clips to powerpoint presentations, we can provide what is needed to deliver a custom reporting experience for internal and external presentations.